10 Interesting Facts About Plastic Surgery In South Korea

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1. Plastic Surgery Korea Already Overdue In General

Compared to other countries, Korea has the highest desire to achieve the ideal appearance. It is estimated that at least 1 in 5 women in Seoul have done plastic surgery be it large or small operation. In fact this is already not a topic that should be hidden, rather than talking about where a bag can be obtained, the Korean women can discuss or ask where they got the nose or chin.
There is a telling statistic that 76% of women korea with a lifespan of 20-30 years had never had plastic surgery, this fact also shows that girls aged 12-16 years had also done plastic surgery.
Korean girl Plastic Surgery
2. Not Limited Only in South Korea

Perhaps we know that South Korea is a Korean territory famous for the phenomenon of plastic surgery, but it is not confined to South Korea. In North Korea, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery brevity has been increasingly common.
They may not have such a complex plastic surgery Maxillofacial surgery (Cutting Jaw Surgery) is becoming more popular in South Korea, but other smaller operations such as eyelid surgery or a brow and lip surgery is easy to find.
3. Artist and Model Kim Tae-Hee Artist and Model Kim Tae-Hee  is one of the most requested facial plastic surgery when there was no evidence of plastic surgery on Kim Tae-Hee. In a variety of plastic surgery clinics, model and Korean artist, Kim Tae-Hee is one face of the most widely used as a reference or required plastic surgery. In fact there are a variety of surgical products that show Kim Tae-Hee as an example.

This is ironic because the model and this Korean artist himself had no clear evidence that she ever had plastic surgery, and many people say beauty is natural beauty untouched by a scalpel. On the Internet a lot of people compare photos Hee Kim Tae-young when the picture now, this comparison showed that no major changes among the two photographs.It shows her beauty is natural beauty, but there are some people refer to no change suggests it has a very nice plastic surgery.
4. The Basics

In the Korean plastic surgery there is a term known as The Basics or basic operations. The term plastic surgery refers to plastic surgery to create double eyelids and nose jobs for an extended length and flattened.
The reason why this operation is known as The Basics is because this is the most widely performed surgery plastic surgery. Interestingly, all the people in Korea want the same appearance is a bright skin, small nose, eyes belo with double eyelids, and a small face with a jaw and chin form the letter V.
5. The fact Dark Behind Plastic Surgery Korea

Korean plastic surgery is already generating a lot of beautiful women but it is still not without risk. As with all surgery, plastic surgery also has its own risks such as permanent disability or even paralysis and not all plastic surgery in Korea is always successful, sometimes failure can occur.
Yet it is human nature, especially women to always have the appearance of a better or more beautiful and such a term we often hear No Pain, No Beauty or Not Sick, Not Pretty. Yet this is a false belief which taught many people that’s beautiful to be sick.
6. Miss Korea 2012 and 2013

One of the reasons why plastic surgery became very famous in Korea is because the incident exactly Miss Korea Miss Korea 2012, which proved to have undergone plastic surgery. Many critics say it is a fraudulent act, but Miss Korea 2012 alone – Kim Yu-Mi – also admit that I have never said I was born pretty. He still holds his throne as Miss Korea 2012.
Another incident was a similar incident at the Miss Korea 2013 where contestants criticized the media for all his face almost exactly the same and differ only in the hair alone. Media later said that this was due to the effects of plastic surgery.
7. Support Family and As A Gift Graduation

All the more beautiful and pretty and some families do not want their children to be left and the ugly. This is the reason why not a few parents in Korea send their children to perform plastic surgery. Plastic surgery itself is often used as a graduation gift to a daughter.
Perhaps in Korea is very uncommon to hear your child has a face like yours, if yes then the old man would probably answer yes, except the nose, eyelids, jaw and eyebrows, it is similar artist Kim Tae-Hee.

9. Two To Three Times More Offers

By being popularnya plastic surgery and clinics can be found easily then do not be surprised if plastic surgery in Korea is very cheap. A doctor of plastic surgery in Korea said that if in the USA you need a surgery costs around 10,000 US dollars, or about 110 Million in Korea then you can get it only about 2,000-3,000 US Dollars or approximately 22 Million-33 Million.
A doctor in Korea can be officially allowed to change the field to the field of plastic surgery. This is the reason why doctors Korea called highly skilled and have a reason to new technologies in the field.
10. Not Limited Only to Women

Plastic surgery may be very strong connection with women, but that does not mean plastic surgery is only done to women. In Korea, plastic surgery for men are also becoming more common and popular, can be found even plastic surgery clinic specifically for men.
If women make one of those references is Kim Tae-Hee then one of the desired face Korean men are Jang Dong Gun. Because most people have eyes that slant Korea, the Korean men also generally perform surgery to make their eyes more like women.

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