Advantages And Disadvantages of Daihatsu Charade Classy Sedan Car Segment

Classy car is the type of compact sedan that was first introduced in 1990. This car is commonly called Charade Sedan which is the first variant of the Sedan made by Daihatsu. For the chassis using G102 code. While the Charade family also has a variant Car Hatchback namely Daihatsu Charade CX Winner.

Production from Daihatsu charade classy ceased in 1997 until now has not continued. During its production period, the Charoon Classy Sedan Car has facelift touch 2 times. For the first facelift done in 1994 and his name changed to Classy Pro with the addition of rear spoiler. While in 1996 the second facelift was done with the change of name into Classy Royal which has been provided with two-tone body color and leather upholstery.Daihatsu Charade Classy old

Daihatsu Classy Specs
Daihatsu classy exterior design

Classy cars are developed on a Charade Hatchback basis, so the two cars have a design that is not much different. At the front there is a headlamp with the use of opaque glass that forms a trapezium with a slightly rounded tip. In the middle there is a grille material material using black plastic with the addition of Daihatsu logo model name and badge 16 V which is a sign that the car has been using the engine 16 valve / valve.

Continue on the side of the Daihatsu Classy, ​​which where in this sector there is uniqueness in which the glass frame has a really big yag size. When viewed at a glance, Daihatsu Classy has a design that is less proportional as a Sedan Car. However, thanks to the glass makes the passengers view out more broadly.

The obvious difference between Daihatsu Charade Classy with CX Winner is located at the back. Because of its type is the Car Sedan of course the back to get an elongated design that is used as a trunk. It certainly makes the storage capacity larger so that the innate can be brought more. Not only that, the size of stoplamp that belongs to Classy and the garnishnya has a larger size than Charade CX winner.

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Daihatsu Charade Classy interior design

In the cabin does look ordinary, but when looking at the price table it will turn with the features offered. Charade is quite superior in its class. Electric features presented in it include power windows, electric mirrors, power steering and power steering.

Interior design Daihatsu Charade Classy

Classy sedan car can accommodate 5 adult passengers, but a little crowded. For the sake of getting comfort while traveling then can fill the back seat with 2 people only. Or can with a toddler to fulfill the back seat to 3 people.
Daihatsu Charade Classy Engine Performance

In the kitchen sector runway, the Daihatsu pinned engine coded HC-C carburetor with a capacity of 1300cc. the same machine used by Daihatsu winner and zebra. By using the machine can generate maximum power of 89 Hp / 6,500 Rpm and peak torque generated reaches 105 Nm / 4000 Rpm. Classy engine can melesatkan car up to 140 km/h.

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