Sweet, Comical – The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a favorite one of the toy groups. Its endearing fox-like confront and comically poofy jacket are almost irresistible. On the other hand, the Pomeranian isn’t for the classic quiet, clinging lap dog. This little (3 to 7lbs) man’s claim to fame is his giant character. These busy toys are notoriously animated, inquisitive and busy. Consequently, if you are seeking a big clown in a little body then the Pomeranian is the dog for you. His antics will keep you amused in addition to attract attention. And although independent, their ferocious loyalty makes them excellent companion dogs.

Ideal for those living in small spaces, Pomeranians make great apartment dogs. They don’t need much exercise and spend most of their day taking naps. However, be prepared to keep them entertained while they’re awake. Pomeranians are chock full of energy and they need to be entertained or they could develop behavioral problems and destructive habits. They are notorious chewers although with proper stimulation this behavior can be taken care of with a couple of chew toys left lying around.

Worried about how this tiny little dog will fare along with your other household pets? No demand. But, please consider your neighbors’ sanity before committing to more than 1 Pom. They are vocal dogs (females less so than men) and if in groups the chorus of yapping can become a bit much.

Though they are cuddly and loveable, Pomeranians require a lot of attention. Along with their entertainment demands, the soft, thick undercoat and coarser outer coating need to be groomed daily or else they develop painful mats and tangles. They also shed constantly so be well prepared to become well familiar with lint rollers and also a furry hair specific vacuum. Their voluminous coats rely on approximately 50% of the apparent size and they’re vulnerable to overheating.

Surprisingly, these tiny dogs make good watchdogs. They have a classic case of a large dog trapped in the miniature body. Their resounding warning bark could be heard far and wide although its small size does not manage to come off as much of a hazard. They tend to be reserved with strangers and may bark too at new people. It’s a great concept to start obedience training early and instruct your Pomeranian to bark a few times as an awake but then to ‘be quiet for heaven’s sake’.

A note of warning: this little dog is all personality and your infant’s adorable little character quirks can easily become inappropriate behaviors if they’re not loved with a firm hand. These little tricksters will need to understand that their owner is your boss or they won’t listen. They can become rough, pushy, and eloquent if they are permitted free behavioral reign. And while these dogs make good companions for elderly folks, they should be closely tracked around very young children. However, they’re fine with older, well-behaved children.

Pomeranians are also prone to certain bodily disorders. Early tooth loss may be an issue so while it’s tempting to spoil them with canned foods and table treats, the main portion of a Pomeranians diet ought to be comprised of pet food to maintain the teeth and gums in good shape. You should also be certain that your vet gives your dog regular teeth cleanings. Skin issues and eye infections may also be problematic especially as your Pomeranian ages.

But do not let those possible problems deter you. When making your breed choice, bear in mind that every breed of dog comes with its own caveats, and with the right mixture of discipline and love their beautiful natures can flourish.

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