Tienhou Temple (Matsu Temple)

Situated in Lukang, Tienhou Temple (Matsu Temple) is another substantial and remarkable architected structure around the local area. The sanctuary experienced recreation in 1936 and till now, it is completely available for visitors and voyagers. It was said that the Matsu statue in this sanctuary was conveyed to Taiwan by a general back in the Qing Dynasty. Local people call the statue of Matsu “The Black-Faced Matsu” as following quite a while of incense smoke have secured over her unique complexity.

Despite the fact that it might be confounded as a Buddhist sanctuary, Matsu sanctuary is really a Daoist sanctuary committed to a prominent Taiwanese society story of the ocean. The sanctuary is greatly improved saved and prominent than different sanctuaries in Lukang. It is suggested that when guests achieves the primary sanctuary holding the Black Faced Matsu statue, additionally pause for a moment to see the four little statues on the doors, each figure are said to speak to 4 of the best joys in life, for example, “ear-picking”, “back scratching”, “yawning” and “nose-picking”. Likewise look at the front of the sanctuary for a cool show of old weapons. Look this site and make your reservation now.

The zone around the sanctuary is person on foot just and extraordinary group assemble here amid the ends of the week as an awesome market loaded with merchants and neighborhood Taiwanese bites are accessible, offering visitors and travelers a happy air as opposed to a vacationer area.


From Taipei

1. United Highway Bus straightforwardly to Lukang from Taipei Bus Station, leaves each hour.

2. By railroads take prepare to Changhua station, get navigate to Lukang (Lugang)

From Taichung

1. Take transport to Lukang (Lugang) specifically at 179 Fushing Rd. Sec.4, Taichung City

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